About Us

I created Two Seaside Babes on Etsy in May of 2008, on a whim, as creative outlet and means to provide my family with an additional income. Many may not remember, but our roots started in jewelry making! Realizing this was not a true joy to me, I picked up a hook, some yarn, and began crocheting, a craft I had learned in 4-H when I was 9 years old. I never anticipated, 30+ years after picking up my first crochet hook that craft would lead to our full time family business.

Shortly after creating my shop I was thrown into a 3 year divorce. I was left without a penny to my name, and a 4 year gap on my resume due to being a stay a home mom. This was when the recession was at it's absolute worst. After sending out hundreds of applications without a single response, the bills quickly piled up. I saw a small amount of income coming in with my crocheted goods on Etsy and decided to throw everything I had into it. Thankfully, I've been tremendously blessed with amazing customers and supportive fans, that have built this into a full time business that supports my 2 children and myself.

I’m one of those very lucky people that truly loves my job. I adore hearing how our products have helped people, made them smile, and made them laugh. I beam knowing that a family brings their new bundle of joy home from the hospital in one of our hats or blankets. I giggle when our hat has become a child’s favorite and they refuse to take it off even in the heat of summer. It warms my heart to know that our products have been given as gifts to mend hearts and provide comfort through illness.

Even though we are a family business, I am the person behind the products in Two Seaside Babes. I literally crochet every hat, blanket, scarf, hair accessory, gift, and photo prop you see in our boutique, on Etsy, on consignment, and locally at shows. I take immense pride in creating handmade crocheted items for you and your loved ones that will last for many years to come. I strive to use only the highest quality of materials to give you a product you are sure to love.